If a person is dealing with stress on a regular basis and doing nothing about it, it will be considered long term stress.  Long-term stress can lead to physical or psychological damage to the body.  Stress can cause the body the following problem in their life. 

Physical disorder can be a cause of chronic stress.

Stress can develop into serious problems, like anxiety or depression, which can be even more serious to your health.  Both of these problems can be very dangerous for most people.  They can cause a person to distance themselves from their loved ones or their career.  This will cause the person to feel sad and dysfunctional at the same time.  Heart disease is another problem that can come from long-term stress. 

Mental and physical stress is a trigger for an unstable angina.  This chest pain is caused by lack of oxygen reaching the heart.  There is a higher risk for serious heart events like heart attacks.  A person can even die from this problem and sudden stress can cause the heart arteries to block.  They can stop the flow of blood to the heart. 

Stress can also cause the body to have high blood pressure.  This problem can harm a person for lot of reason.  This can cause a person to have to go on medication to help them lower their blood pressure and it may eventually lead them to have a stroke if it is not taken care of in the proper way. 

Long-term stress can cause the immune system to become less effective.  This leaves a person vulnerable to colds and other immune problems for their body.  Digestive problems can be a cause of prolonged stress.  This will irritate the large intestines.  A person can be forced to face diarrhea, constipation and bloating.

A person that has been dealing with long-term stress may have diet problems.  They may find themselves getting an eating disorder.  They may become anorexic or even obese because of the disorder.  They may find that food is either the enemy or the comfort when they are dealing with stress.  Diabetes is a problem that chronic stress can develop.  It can also lead to arthritis for some people and the ability to control these problems may be clouded by the stress. 

Many people may also have to deal with sleep disorders when they are dealing with stress.  They can find that they are tired and anxious all the time and they will be missing out on the sleep that is so important for them to get.  They may turn to sleeping pills and other methods to get the rest that they are longing for.  However, this can cause more problems later down the road. 

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