If a person is dealing with a lot of stress for a long period, it may start to affect their personal relationships.  There are many reasons why people will not be able to function because of their stress that they are under either at home or at work.  They can cause a gap in any relationship and may end up being the factor that destroys it. 

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Sexual and reproductive disturbances can happen for some people that are dealing with stress.  They can have decreased sexual desire and this can end up causing serious problems in their relationships.  They may not have the ability to perform because they have too much on their mind dealing with the stress.  Stress hormones have an impact on the hypothalamus gland, which will make the reproductive hormones.  This can make it hard for the person to have children.

When stress happens, it is important to recognize it and deal with it right away.  They need to learn to handle the stress so that they do not end up ruining their love life and their family relationships.  The stress needs to be addressed with a professional so that they can continue to have great lasting relationships with their loved ones and so they can have a good support system.

Money is a big part of stress in relationships.  If a married couple is having financial problems, they are more likely to have stress on their relationship.  They may feel pressured and worried all the time that they start to take out their emotions on their spouse.  It is important to find a way to deal with the money issues so that the couple can function better together.

Stress can also be a problem for parents.  You need to realize when you are taking things out on your children for no reason.  Learn to manage stress so that you are not taking it out on your kids.  They are not the problem but if you continue to place your stress on them, it can lead to further problems in the family. 

Take the time to figure out a plan for stress and how to make things better. When you are willing to try and make things right, you will find that the stress can be relieved and the relationships can be saved.  It is worth the time and the effort to make things right with your loved ones. 


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