1. What Is Stress?

Stress is when your peace of mind is interrupted and your emotions are worked up. You can feel stress in your home, work or your child can feel stress at school. If not handled properly, it can mess with our minds and our health.

Stress feels like you are carrying a large burden on your shoulders. You have a lot of responsibilities that seem like it all falls toward you and no one else. You have feelings of anxiety and frustration.

There are times when you will get angry because so much has come upon you and it seems to be overwhelming. You feel overpowered to do anything so it’s easy for you to get into worrying about things that you can’t control.

It doesn’t have to be big things that will cause stress. It could be some of the smallest things that can set you off to get tense.

What Is Stress?

2. Causes Of Stress

There are different things and events that can cause you to be stressed. What may cause stress for one person may not be the same for someone else. It’s basically different strokes for different folks when it comes to stress.

Stress can be physical, internal, emotional and external. They can be caused by a loss you’ve experienced, overworking yourself, sickness, arguments and other problems that you face.

You can also experience stress from office politics. This is not something that you should get involved in. It is not good for you mentally, especially if you’re dealing with other problems. Office politics can be very brutal and you have to know how to deal with it. The last thing you want to do is to bring it home with you.

Another cause of stress is lack of finances. You or your spouse always seems to be at odds about the finances and budgeting. You like to save, while he likes to spend. The old saying is true about saving for a rainy day.

However, your spouse likes to spend because the money is there. He could care less about saving money when he’ll really need it. You on the other hand, are constantly after him about that. The interaction often ends up into a verbal argument. This doesn’t solve anything for either party. It’s understandable why you would be stressed about this.

Then, you don’t have enough money to pay bills so you end up robbing Peter to pay Paul. That is frustrating by itself without having the spouse involved. You need to have money to pay the bills and pay them on time.

If you or someone in your family has a chronic illness, you constantly have to take them to the doctor. That’s more money out of your pocket because you have to pay the fee prior to the doctor visit. Then, the doctor may have to prescribe medicine, depending what the health issue is. That’s another expense to dread.

For wealthy people, they have to deal with taking care of their large mass of money. Of course, there are those who know they have the money and are always looking to mooch from them. On the other hand, there are those who are not wealthy and work to keep what they have and bring in more money. It can be a struggle on both ends.

You could be stressed about being a people pleaser. You’re the type of person that doesn’t want anyone mad at you, so you work to keep everyone in your circle happy. That can stress you out because while you’re struggling to keep them happy, you don’t have time for yourself to do the things you need to do. That can be very frustrating.

If you have children, they may feel stressed from the pressure of working to keep their grades up so that they can get all A’s. There are some parents that are obsessed with their children getting all A’s that they constantly hound them and keep them in their schoolbooks. It seems as though they don’t have a life out of school.

Sometimes, people bring stress on themselves. People get engrossed about concerns and worries that are beyond the scope of what they can do. Or they worry about things that they shouldn’t be worried about. They’re trivial and unnecessary.

They invite stress in by complaining and murmuring. They think about the negative stuff and think that there’s no way out. They allow too much tension to build up in their system.

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Here are some other things that can cause stress in your life:

  • Job termination or layoff
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Separation from boyfriend or spouse
  • Divorce
  • Imprisonment
  • Bereavement of a loved one
  • Toxic relationships
  • Great concern for others
  • Rejection
  • Pregnancy
  • Retirement
  • Daily traffic grind

3. The Effects Of Stress

Stress can affect people physically if they don’t learn to deal with it. It can really affect their health. They can experience headaches, ailments of the stomach and diabetes. In order for people to remain healthy, the immune system needs to be healthy and working properly.

When people allow stress to affect them, they set themselves up for anything to happen. One of the more common health issues they face is ulcers. Ulcers can affect what you eat, which can cause weight gain or loss.

They can also experience the following:

• Backaches

•Pain in the neck

•Pain in the muscles

•High blood pressure

•Chest pains

If any of these problems persist, they should see a physician.


4. Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that tell on you. One is that your appetite changes. You may be stressed if you’re not eating as much and have lost weight. Or you’re eating more than usual and gaining weight.

You start feeling tired or are experiencing anxiety. You feel drained and haven’t gotten enough rest. You’re more concerned about problems that you can’t control or wondering how they’re going to turn out. You’re not sleeping well, if at all.

Your muscles are aching or your have headaches that won’t stop. You can’t concentrate on the item at hand and allow yourself to be constantly distracted. You start to drink alcohol heavily or get addicted to drugs.

Once you realized that these things are affecting you, you should get help as soon as possible.

5. Lingering Stress

Some people have stress for a long time and become immune to it. Or they may become stress- free from a previous situation and end up finding themselves in the same boat. It gets to the point where it becomes habitual, like smoking cigarettes.

Enduring stress for the long term is not good for your health. You can end up having problems with your cardiovascular system and your blood pressure could skyrocket. One of both of these things can put your health at risk.

You may also experience mood swings because you allowed the stress to get to you for so long. You don’t feel like doing much of anything like you used to. Or you just don’t feel like being around anyone.

There are solutions to long-term stress. One thing you can do is change your lifestyle. If you tend to overeat when you get stressed, reverse that and set up a meal plan where you eat sensibly.

Stop focusing on the negative side of things that are happening in your life and deal with the positive. Once you make these simple changes, you will be on the road to recovery.

If you continue to feel stressed at work, you may need to seek medical attention or get some time off from work.

6. Stress And Panic Attacks

Stress can cause you to have panic attacks. If you are the type of person that intensely worries about things, then you could be at risk. Panic attacks are born out of fear that something bad will happen. You start to stress out more than you normally would.

When you feel you’re having a panic attack, you start to feel dizzy and your heart will accelerate. Other signs that you may be having a panic attack include:

  • Nausea
  • Numb
  • Feeling of paralysis (can’t move)
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sweaty hand and palms
  • Increased Tension Some things you can do to deal with panic attacks and anxiety include:
  • Try to remain calm and relaxed; this can help to minimize the effects of panic attacks.
  • Face the panic attacks head on; if you avoid them, it will be more difficult to deal with them in the future.
  • Get a mindset of not letting the panic attacks get to you; meditate on words that can help you relieve your problems.
  • Find some people that can depend on for support. You need people that have your back and will rally around you when the going gets tough. If you have these symptoms consistently, you should consult with your physician to find out what’s going on. More than likely, it can be due to stress levels that increase in intensity. If your physician finds out that’s the case, then they may prescribe you with some medicine to get rid of the panic attacks. The sooner you get help for this, the better chance you have of being stress-free sooner than later.
Stress And Panic Attacks

7. Solutions On Living A Stress-Free Life

Before you do anything, you have to realize what it is that is causing the stress to occur. Once you figure that out, you can start to deal with the triggers. Pay attention to what happens when the stress occurs. You may be affected by different stressors that affect you physically, emotionally and mentally.

There are many ways that people can learn to combat stress and learn to live stress-free. Here are some tips that people can use to help them reach stress-free status. These solutions are simple and ones that you can do everyday:

Managing Stress

If there are events or situations that constantly trigger your stress, you should try your best to avoid them, if possible. If you can’t do that, decrease the amount of time that you involve yourself in that situation in order to decrease the stress.

Focus your energy on positive things in your life. Or try to ignore it altogether if it’s something insignificant. The more focus you put on it, the more stressed you’ll become.

When you feel stress coming on, learn to control your emotions on how you deal with it. Everyone doesn’t need to know what’s going on. Besides, it’s highly unlikely that they could or are willing to help you anyway.

Learn to control your physical reactions when you’re dealing with stress. When some people are under pressure, they look to physically striking out at others or at objects in order to release their stress. You may have to take medicine to keep your anger and actions under control and help to reduce your stress levels.


When people are dealing with things that they are not sure of, they tend to worry. They start second guessing themselves and questioning whether or not what they did or said was the right decision. Until they get clarity and understanding, they will feel stressed and tense. They start to wonder what could happen if they made the wrong decision. Let’s look at some things that you can do to combat this and have peace within yourself:

  • You can’t overly concern yourself with what will go on in the future. In doing so, you overlook what’s going on now, which is important. Think about what’s going on now and not stress yourself about the future.
  • Don’t concern yourself about what other people do. That is their decision and their prerogative. You can’t change the way they act or what they do. They are the ones to have to live with the decision they make. You can’t control others to fit into your lifestyle. Accept their decision and hope for the best for them.
  • Don’t get into a cycle of doubt and unbelief. If you’re uncertain about something, then don’t engage yourself in it. Make the most of what is going on with you and stay in a positive frame of mind. Don’t add on to your worries and concerns. This will only add to the stress that you’re already dealing with. Don’t deal with things that you’re not sure about and work on keeping your mind at peace.


Exercising is an effective way to becoming stress-free. You should exercise at least three to four times a week, starting 20 – 30 minutes a day. This will help you to relax and keep your mind off of things that cause you to stress out. There are exercises you can do to help release your stress and keep it from returning:

  • Start out with easy exercises such as walking and light aerobics. At first, do it at least three times a week. As your metabolism increases, add more days and increase your exercise time. This is one of the best ways that you can release stress and keep it away.
  • You can also do yoga, jogging and riding a bike. Or if you’re the adventurous type, there is rock climbing and mountain climbing. These exercises can help to relieve your stress. You will feel energized and want to exercise more.
  • If you’re angry most of the time, engaging in boxing or martial arts is a great way to release that anger. Your anger will shift elsewhere and you will feel lighter inside. Your emotions of anger will subside and can bring your peace of mind.
  • Basketball and football will work to release the stress you’re under. When you get involved in either one of these, you won’t be tired and you’ll be physically fit.
  • Get an Ab Ball and use it for your abdominal area. This exercise ball can help you work on your muscles and firm up your body.

Any type of exercising that you take part in will help you not only to release the stress, but it will also help you to stay fit.

Eating Right

Did you know that your stress level can be affected by food? Some people don’t pay attention to their food control and what they eat. When done correctly, food can help to control your stress level. Let’s look at some of the ways that food can affect and help your stress level:

  • It’s important to have a well balanced and healthy diet in order to be stress-free. Eating what you want, including junk food will do nothing for you but help you gain weight. You should try to stick to a time frame where you can eat, especially the three basic meals.
  • Eat snacks in between. Some good choices are celery and carrots. It’s not a good idea to skip a meal, as it can add on to your stress level. The food that you eat should contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Breakfast should be one of your heavier meals of the day.
  • Eat plenty of fruits to help control your stress level. Fruit contains plenty of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off radicals. Radicals can contribute to your stress level. Try eating things like apples or oranges to combat your stress level.
  • If you like nuts or not allergic to them, almonds can help to relieve stress. Almonds have plenty of Vitamin E and help to keep stress from getting to you. You can munch on a few of them as a stress reliever.
  • Drinking milk can help people relieve stress. Milk has plenty of antioxidants that help to combat stress. Drinking a cup everyday is a good way of effectively relieving your stress levels. You can also have milk when you’re eating cereal.
  • Try eating asparagus to get rid of stress. Asparagus has plenty of antioxidants that can help with that. Another stress reliever is blueberries. These also have plenty of antioxidants. Keep some of these handy so when you feel the stress coming on, you can readily eat them.

If your stress level is high, it’s important that you change your diet as soon as possible. The sooner you can do that, the sooner you can effectively deal with getting your stress level down and get rid of stress altogether.

Other Health Issues

Stress has a lot to do with your overall health. Stress and health connect with each other and depending on how it’s handled, it can have a positive or negative outcome. In order to be effective and productive, it’s important to focus on the things that matter. When you let stress affect you, your focus has been diverted elsewhere.

You will encounter stress in different situations. As long as you don’t let it get to you and cause you to neglect your health, then you can be continue to be productive. High stress levels can cause a host of health issues. The quicker you work to relieve your stress, the quicker your health will improve.

  • Make sure that you focus on your health. It’s important in order for you to do that if you want to be stress-free. Make sure that you are eating the right foods along with the right amount of food.
  • If you drink alcohol or indulge in illegal drugs, that will add to your stress level. On the contrary, some people consider it a stress buster, but that is far from the truth. These addictions can affect your health in more ways than one. Not only will affect your health and stress level, it can also negatively affect those around you. If you sense that you’re getting addicted and can’t stop on your own, seek help from medical professionals.
  • If you are the type that gets angered or frustrated easily, it can trigger high stress levels.
    It can also affect you mentally, as you won’t think straight. Consistent anger and frustration can cause high blood pressure and other health issues. You should work to not let things, especially trivial stuff get to you. Things like taking a deep breath.

Relaxation Techniques

Doing some relaxation techniques can help to relieve stress and put your mind at ease. A relaxed mode doesn’t necessarily require you to move around a lot. Here are some that are simple to implement into your daily schedule:

  • Soft music can be therapeutic for a stressful mind. Just sitting or laying down listening to it can help you eliminate the pressures and frustration you face on a regular basis. Some nice slow and easy jazz music will do the trick, or some instrumental music is a good way to relieve stress.
  • In addition to being used as exercise, yoga can also be used as a relaxation technique to relive stress. Since yoga is not rigorous, it can work to help you be patient and learning to know yourself better. You will feel mentally fit as well as physically fit. You feel balanced and work to focus on the things that you’re dealing with.
  • Meditation is a very good way to deal with stress. In order for it to be effective, you have to concentrate and keep your focus. It may be difficult at first because you’re dealing with so much stress, pressure and frustration. Meditation can help you get rid of negative feelings, such as anger. The more you mediate, the quicker the stress can disappear.
  • Take a nature walk. If there is a trail near you, walk through there in the mornings and just take in the view. Nature walks are so peaceful.
  • Relaxing your muscles is another way that you can relieve stress. When you’re stress, your muscles will tighten. Concentrate on relaxing them and not being tensed up. One way you can do this is to sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Relax your feet muscles and then go upward and relax the rest of the muscles in your body. Take a few deep breaths and focus on what you’re doing. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Count each breath as you let it out. This technique should be done for at least ten minutes.
  • Deep breathing can help you to relax and relieve stress. Take a few deep breaths and as you breathe out, relax yourself.
  • Get in the habit of smiling. It takes more to frown than it does to smile.
  • Practice good posture. Take a few deep breaths and sit up very straight. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Put your thighs in an angle toward the floor. The lower part of your back should be arched just a little.
  • Push your chest bone back and relax your shoulders. Keep staying that way for a few minutes and try not to slouch. Stay upright and maintain your posture.
  • Get in a quiet place and read a good book.
  • Give hugs to people every day. Tell them how much you appreciate them. This type of affection will do wonders for you and them.
  • Prayer changes things. That is the truth. People can learn to pray on a daily basis. Pray for positive things. Pray for things to change in your life for the better. You can’t just do it one day and think that things will change overnight. In some cases it takes months.

You have to keep doing it until you see results. Even after that , continue to pray about other things that have caused you stress and frustration. Prayer can take a lot off your shoulders.

You should make time to incorporate some of these into your daily lifestyle. They are very easy to do and it will make your life easier.

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You should incorporate some humor in your life. What would it be like to go around in a serious state of mind all the time? You’ve got to laugh sometime. Laughter is good medicine for you and you should prescribe it to yourself as much as possible. This is definitely stress buster material.

Check out some ways that you can laugh and release stress at the same time:

  • First, you must realize that having laughter in your life can increase your energy and take away any negative vibes that you may be feeling. When you laugh, you release the pent- up anger and frustration that has been bottled up inside you from being stressed. You can find some good comedy shows on television that are really funny.
  • Think of some situations where the outcome ended up being pretty humorous. You can think on those and get a kick out of them. Let go of the complaining and murmuring.
  • Go take in a comedy club. Check out the up and coming comedians at local venues in your area.
  • Smile more often. If you’re not used to doing this, then start now. Did you know that smiling can be contagious? Learn to spread your laughter and joy to others who need it. Not only will it help them, it will also help you.

Control Your Mind

You have to instruct your mind to help relieve the stress. Take control over your mind so that you can be more constructive. Don’t allow your mind to have feelings of anger and frustration, which can lead to stressful situations. When you divert your mind away from that, you will be able to focus on other things that don’t cause stress.

  • Control your mind to close it to stress and stressful situations. Learn how to take charge of your emotions that are associated with stress and stressful situations. You have to be able to concentrate on not thinking about things that contribute to stress. It will take some time, but the more you are able to concentrate on relieving stress with mind control, the better you will be able to deal with stressful situations.
  • Learn to block negative emotions. If you don’t you will allow them to take over and you’ll be right back where you started from. Use mediation in order to control your mind.
  • Seek out positive thoughts to overshadow the negative thoughts and the stress that you’re dealing with. You should be able to determine which thoughts are good for you and which ones are not. Don’t allow negative thoughts or concerns permeate your mind and make you feel stressed. Having control over your mind is a powerful thing. It is the connection as to whether or not you can move forward or you sink backward.

Visualization Techniques

When you visualize something, you are looking at the big picture. You should look at how you are going to get yourself into a state of happiness. Figure out how you are going to relieve your stress and see it in your mind.

  • You invoke power when you visualize. When you are dedicated to what you are looking at, you create a picture of what you want to see in your life. If you see yourself stress- free, then you can implement steps to be stress-free.
  • Visualize yourself in an area where it’s quiet and calm. See yourself on an island of paradise enjoying the weather and not thinking about the cares back home. You can think about that and make that come to fruition.
  • Visualization involves creativity. See yourself doing some things you have never done before.

Motivation Techniques

When you’re motivated, you’re going to get up and do something. Don’t depend on others to motivate you. A lot of times you’ll have to do it on your own. If others won’t motivate themselves, what make you think that they will want to motivate you?

  • Stress can be used as a motivator to change your way of thinking and change your way of life. It can prompt you to do things that are the opposite of being stressful. Change your outlook and do things that you’ve never done before. If there are things that you have done and still do them, try a different way of doing them.
  • Learn to motivate yourself to make things better in your life. You can’t depend on anyone to help you to be motivated. That job is in your hands. Invoke a great spirit while you’re doing it. Focus on learning to excel in what you’re doing.
  • Motivating yourself is not an overnight success deal. You have to keep plugging away until you get the desired result. Make sure that you are sincere in what you’re doing and don’t let any distractions hinder you from your goal of becoming stress-free.

Be Energized

The more stressed you are, the less energy you have to work with. If you don’t have enough energy in your body, you can end up with physical and mental fatigue. If you start to experience this, then you won’t be able to do much of anything. Your energy level needs to be high in order to become stress-free and keep the stress away. Here are some ways that you can be energized and relieve your stress at the same time:

  • In order for you to get your energy back, eat healthy foods. Don’t overeat, or you’ll just feel sluggish. Overeating can also cause weight gain, which is another cause of sluggishness.
  • Get plenty of exercise in order for you to have more energy. Exercising is an outlet that can help you get rid of the stress in your life. When you exercise, the oxygen and blood will flow freely in your body.
  • Treat yourself to a spa or massage. This will help you to have an increase of energy. Get your muscles relaxed by steaming. A trip to the spa can help you to relieve stress and frustration. You can also try aromatherapy to increase your energy levels.
  • Make sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep is very important in order for you to have enough energy to get you through the next day. The worst thing you can do is
  • shortchange yourself when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. You should get at least six to eight hours worth.
  • Drinking water can also provide you with plenty of energy. You can also take vitamins to help you through the day. Vitamins can help you if you start to feel sluggish and need that extra boost.

The more energy you have, the less stress you have to deal with. In fact, you should channel more energy so that you can relieve all of the stress that you’re dealing with.

Getting Away From It All

Everyone could use a break from the hustle and bustle of everything. With everything that’s going on in our lives, it can take a toll on us if we don’t take a breather. You need to take a vacation away from it all, even if it is for a few days. It helps for people to get rejuvenated for the next tasks at hand.

  • The best way to take a vacation is to get away from your familiar surroundings. Even if the destination is a few hours away, it can help to take your mind off what you’ve been doing. The relaxation and rest will be good for you. People get so engrossed in their work that it’s hard for them to see the forest from the trees.
  • Go somewhere different than where you usually go for vacation. Look for somewhere that’s unfamiliar to you. There are lots of places to choose from. If you’ve never been on a nature trail, there are many parks that have them. Nature trails are a good way to get away from it all. They are tranquil places, and you can take your time walking and enjoying the scenery.
  • Take your family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even if it’s for a few days, take them somewhere where all of you will have a good time. If weather permitting, take them to a beach. Smaller children enjoy playing in the sand. Adults enjoy lying in the sun and taking in the warm weather. Just make sure you have your sunscreen.
  • Take a shopping trip. Find some places away from home that you can go. There are plenty of great shopping malls that will suit your fancy. Just don’t overspend and then end up miserable later. Taking a break and going on vacation is a great way to relieve yourself of stress. Not only will it help you, but it will help your family as well. They will be glad that you took them away from the hustle and bustle.

At The Workplace

Everyone faces some kind of dilemma at the workplace. There are different things that can cause you to be stressed out:

  • Not meeting a deadline for a project
  • Constant infighting with co-workers or your boss
  • Having a tight schedule with hardly a break in between
  • Dealing with office politics
  • Being passed over for a promotion.

Even with these factors, there are things you can do to get rid of the stress:

  • Take a different approach about your job and your duties. Don’t think of it as a chore. Be enthusiastic about what you do. It may seem redundant, but you have to get the job done. When you take a different approach to the situation, you won’t feel stressed and forced to do something you don’t want to do. There is always someone out there who would be glad to fill your shoes.
  • Don’t leave your desk cluttered with papers and other stuff everywhere. Everything should be neat and you should be able to find what you need. This makes it easier for you and you won’t be frustrated trying to look for something. This can easily cause you to be stressed because you can’t find it.
  • Being in a toxic work environment can cause you to be stressed out. People not getting along with each other and other people stressing out can cause the work environment to be like this. A lot of times, employees bring their outside problems to the workplace. When they see you are different about not lashing out at everybody, they’ll attack you. Since they are miserable, they want you to be miserable. Maintain your composure even when you want to strike back. Striking back does nothing but add to stress levels. Be nice and if possible, keep your conversation to a minimum. If they seem to be combative, or argumentative, then walk away. There have been workplace violence incidents that were the result of constant infighting between co-workers and bosses.

• Don’t get stressed if you don’t get the promotion that you thought you deserved. It can be difficult to deal with if you feel this way and you feel you have sacrificed a lot. It can be stressful to deal with rejection of that sort. Continue to work like you have been doing and eventually, the right promotion will come for you.

What you think was meant for you may not have been after all. You may have ended up dealing with a more intense stressful situation than what you were dealing with. So look at the rejection with a grain of salt and a blessing in disguise.

Managing Your Time

Time management is a big problem for most people to deal with. People have become so busy in their daily lives that they don’t realize how important it is to effectively manage their time.

There are some things in our lives that get put on the backburner when they should be included in our schedules. A lot of stress that we deal with comes from not properly managing our time.

People try to cram so many things into one day, knowing in the back of their minds that all of it cannot be done in that limited time period. You have to set aside time to get some rest so you will be refreshed and energized for the next day.

In order to become stress-free it’s important that you learn to prioritize and effectively manage your time. There are some things that can be put off for another day or another time. Here are some ways that you can work on becoming stress-free by learning to manage your time wisely:

  • Learn to organize your time by having a plan of action. Get a planner or a calendar where you can write down your activities for the week. These activities should be in order by rank of importance. With that, estimate how much time you think it would take you to do each one.
  • Once you get your activities for the week intact, you can start planning your activities for future weeks. Of course, there is the chance that you may not get to do everything that you set out to do. Interruptions will happen from time to time and you have to adjust accordingly.
  • Make it a necessity that you prioritize your activities and whatever else you need to do. This can help you to stay focused on what you need to be doing.
  • When you incorporate time management into your daily routine, it must be organized to where your time is being utilized wisely. There may be some times in your schedule
  • where you have some free time. That too, can be used in ways that are effective and produce results.
  • Another way to utilize your time is to complete the activities as scheduled. This will relieve the stress of you having to rush and complete them.
  • One thing you don’t want to do is to delay completion of your activities or other tasks. Procrastination not only costs you time, it also costs you money. It produces pressure on you to get things done in a shorter amount of time. Or you may have to delay them for another day or so. Procrastination is not healthy and causes you unnecessary stress. It is very important that you manage your time wisely to avoid this from becoming a habit.
  • Keeping organization in your home or at work can help you use your time more efficiently. You don’t have to spend time needlessly looking for things. When things are organized, it doesn’t take long to find it when you need it. You can bring undue stress on yourself just by not being organized. You end up spending more time looking for what you need than you should. This can definitely rob you of your time.
  • Just about everyone has a goal that they would like to see come to fruition. However, they may not all come to life. It may be because you have too much on your plate or you just never guided it to completion. Then you start to get stressed and frustrated because what you wanted to happen didn’t happen for you. Make sure that your goals are sensible and something that you can accomplish.
  • Getting in a comfort zone can be a bad habit. It can also be a hard one to break, if you’re not careful. A lot of times it’s fear that keeps us from moving forward. Some people are used to the same routine day in and day out. They’ve been doing things the same way for many years and have never been challenged to rise above that. There are times when you have to be self-motivated. You will not always have someone around you to encourage you and pump you up like you want. It’s important that you take that first step to remove the fear and learn how to do things differently.
  • Once time has elapsed, you cannot get it back. Nowadays, time has become precious commodity and once it’s gone, that’s it. You will need to set aside time to do things for yourself. Get yourself refreshed and learn to relax. Turn off the computer, phones and everything else that you’re used to having in your presence. You can get stressed out by not acknowledging that you need a break.
  • Don’t force yourself to take on more activities and meetings than you can handle. You may have to cut back if you feel yourself taking on additional loads. This can really stress you out. Cutting back may be difficult, but it’s the best thing to do on the way to being stress-free.

Your Home

When you’re at home, you need a place where you can unwind away from the hustle and bustle of everything. If you have a room in your home that you don’t use regularly, then use it as your relaxation room. Design it so that it will look peaceful and appealing to you. Keep soft music in there to play when you go to relax. You can also put plants and furniture that is pleasing to the atmosphere. Furniture made out of wicker or natural wood would be a good choice. Include some cushions so that you will feel comfortable while you’re sitting or laying down. Use natural colors to blend in with the room and the furniture.

Using Herbs To Relieve Stress

Another way you can become stress-free is to use herbal remedies. You usually won’t feel any side effects from them. It is a simple way to get rid of your stress, yet one many people don’t use. These remedies come from natural herbs that work like medicine. Of course, they should not be a substitute for medicine, but in this case, it can do wonders for your stress. There are different types of herbal teas that can help to relieve stress, such as:

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Celery Seeds
  • Juniper
  • Chamomile
  • Ginseng

Herbal teas not only can help to relax you and get rid of stress, but they can also help relieve coughs and the flu. There are certain ingredients in these teas that help rid you of these ailments in addition to being stress-free.

For anxiety, you can use herbs such as Hawthorne berries and the Linden flower. If you are suffering from health problems with your digestive system, Chamomile and Peppermint can help to sooth that area of your body. Ginseng works to keep away colds and other airborne illnesses.

Another herb that can be used for anxiety is ayurveda. It is a medicinal herb that works very well to get rid of stress. This herb also relieves you of being nervous.

If you’re not familiar with these herbs, consult your physician prior to taking them.

Other Stress Solutions

  • Don’t get in the habit of arguing with someone else. It does nothing but elevate your stress level and your blood pressure. Plus, you don’t know what that other person is thinking. Some people go to violent measures just to settle the score. If they want to argue, tell them you don’t want to and walk away. Some people will go about their business once they see you’re not looking for a fight. It’s difficult and silly for someone to argue by themselves.
  • Don’t take your frustrations out on someone else just because you are stressed out. Take a walk and get away from the atmosphere that’s causing you to be stressed.

Why It’s Important To Say “No”

If you are a people pleaser, you’re going to have to change that title quickly. The more you try to please people, the more they want. The more they want, the more frustrated and stressed out you’ll become.

You cannot do all things for all people that want you to do things for them. You cannot be at all places where others want you to be. There are so many things and people who don’t mind using you to leech off of your time to do what they want to do.

They could care less about what you have to do and your feelings. Even though it’s easier to say yes, for health purposes, it’s better to say “no”.

Saying no to some requests doesn’t brand you as being selfish. Others may think so, but you also have a life outside of them. When you learn to refuse some requests, then you can spend time on things that you need to do.

There may be some things that you have been wanting to do, but couldn’t because you kept putting them off , catering to the needs of others. Once they get used to you saying yes all of the time, it gets more difficult for you to say “no”. So it’s best to start saying “no” early on in the game.

Being a yes person not only can cause you stress and frustration. If you have a family, it can cause them stress and frustration as well. They wouldn’t get to see much of you because you would be elsewhere doing things for others.

Sooner or later, your family will get tired of you catering more to other people then to them. The stress and frustration will start to wear and tear on them. The tense atmosphere will increase, and there will probably be things said that people will end up regretting later.

Be polite when you let people know that you can’t honor their requests. Some of them will try to make you feel guilty when you start to refuse their requests. You can’t do much about that except to blow it off and move on.

It just goes to show that they only wanted to use you when they needed something. Eventually, they will get over it. Even if they don’t, it’s their problem, not yours.

Work on spending quality time on yourself and with your family. Work to repair any damage or lingering feelings from built-up tension.

It’s never easy refusing a request, especially when you know you can’t fit it into your schedule. However, it’s better to be able to have a life and be stress-free.

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Dealing with stress is not easy for anyone. However, you cannot allow it to control your life. Otherwise, you will end up with health issues and bruised feelings. Each person deals with stress differently. Some know how to get relief, others don’t care to work it out. They would rather be stressed for the rest of their lives.

Stress can be used as a motivator to get rid of your problems as well as stress itself. Using some of these techniques listed in this guide can help you to a better and peaceful life. If you look at it from a positive standpoint, you will be able to tackle it with grace and keep moving. If not, you will continue to allow the stress demons invade your life.

Continue to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and eating healthy. Also, make sure to incorporate regular exercise in your daily schedule. These two things should be a priority, if nothing else.

Go the other way if you sense negativity going on. If you are in a toxic relationship which has been the same for a while, it’s time to let go and move on. Toxic relationships are not healthy for anyone. They can bring more stress on you than you can imagine. You can’t allow people to bring you down to their level.

You have to work at becoming stress-free. It won’t happen overnight. You cannot allow stress to suffocate you where you can’t think straight. You will need to prioritize what’s important in your life and stick with keeping those things in order.

There’s too much of life to see for you to be burdened with trivial issues that cause you to be stressed and frustrated. Keep yourself sane and happy by keeping the stress away.

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