Tips to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One

Whether it was expected or sudden, the death of a loved one is never easy.

The loss of someone close can create tremendous amounts of stress for those affected, causing feelings such as numbness, guilt and anger. But though it may be difficult to manage your feelings after tragedy, there are ways that you can cope.

The following stress-relieving tips will help you get through your time of grief:

  • Take time to mourn. Even though it may be difficult, talk with friends and family about your loved one and about the emotions you’re feeling. Participate in memorials to not only honor the deceased, but also to help give you closure and accept the loss.
  • Don’t turn to bad health habits for comfort. Drinking alcohol, overeating or not eating at all will not give your body the nutrients it needs to stay mentally balanced. Besides maintaining a nutritious diet and staying active, some doctors recommend taking a supplement formulated to reduce stress, such as Vital StressX. Developed by CyberWize, Vital StressX contains a combination of herbs, called adaptogens, shown in clinical studies to help your body adapt to stressful conditions, reduce depression and improve sleep.
  • Emotional loss can be paralyzing. The adaptogens in Vital StressX can help you think more clearly and put things in perspective so that much of the worry, sadness and sleeplessness will not be so overwhelming,” said Dr. Robert D’Amico, a medical practitioner and researcher in Tarpon Springs, Fla.
  • Get it out on paper. Write a letter to your loved one who passed away, explaining how you’re feeling and the characteristics and moments that you’ll never forget about the person.
  • Take steps to help others. Selfless actions, such as giving blood, can help give you a sense of purpose at a time when things seem out of your control.
  • Believe that you will get through your loss. By taking things one day at a time, you will begin to heal knowing that, though a special person has passed, your love for the person will live on.

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