All too often, marriages end in divorce because stress builds to a point that’s so overwhelming for the couple, they feel they have no way to control it. Instead, the stress comes out in frustration, anger and outbursts. These continue until the couple can no longer live with their spouse.

The key to keeping a marriage going is to learning how to cope with everyday stress and alleviate it right away before it gets out of control. Here are some of the most common stressors in a marriage and how to handle them:

Is There Stress in Your Marriage


This is probably the number one reason that marriages end in divorce. The constant worry of how they’re going to pay the bills consumes their every waking minute. Although it’s a normal thing to be worried about, it doesn’t have to ruin your marriage.

Learn how to live within your means. It’s always nice to have that new car, but realistically, get only what you can afford. Set up a budget and stick with it. Make sure your bills get paid each month and then use some of what’s left over to buy those unnecessary items or put it away into savings and save up for that new car you want.

Don’t let your credit card spending get out of control. If needed, check with a credit counseling agency and see if you can get your credit card debt consolidated so you make only one payment vs. making three or four.

Raising Children

Most couples have frequent arguments about how to discipline a child when they’ve done something wrong or how to bring them up in this world. They each come into a marriage with two different family values.

These values can clash, resulting in arguments between the couple. Instead, you should bring them to the table, coming up with a compromise to bring the two values together and personalizing them to make it work for your family. Remember, what worked for your parents won’t always work for you. If you work together as a team, you can overcome the stress of raising your children or at least minimize it.

Keeping your feelings inside

Marriages can’t work if the couple can’t get their feelings out in the open to talk them out. If left inside, they can bottle up and inevitably explode in an outburst of anger. Don’t keep them inside. If you talk openly, you might be able to find a compromise together.

There are many more stressors that come up in a marriage. Don’t be afraid to seek some professional help from a counselor. They can help you identify the stressors and help you work them out. If stress is brought under control, your marriage will only get stronger.

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